Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dandelion Project

"The Teeth of the
Lion" Project:
A dance with the King of the weeds; the common Dandelion.
I am embarking on a per formative exploration of meaning for this highly over-looked and unwanted plant;
To create an intimate experience with the king of the weeds. I have been collecting seeds from through out the urban landscape of Milwaukee, WI. To propagate them in my studio in several thousand 1 gallon/#10 tin cans that I have been re-claiming from the kitchen of UWM's Sandburg Residence Hall.
The cans will be assembled into an architectural installation, sculpture, laboratory with in my studio."Flowering weeds as form". Dandelion blossoms from various places in with the city have been collected for the manufacturing of wine. "Flowering weed as drink". Propagated greens will be cultivated for consumption. "Flowering weed as Food"
The structure/greenhouse-installation will be have its own watering system as well as having its own off the grid power supply. Sculpture, Anthropology, Vernacular History, Botany, Performance, and social Identity are all ideas I wish to infuse into this project. "Flowering weed as Idea"

Dandelion Wine Production,

Seed Collection & Reprocessed Food Tins.

Water Habitat- Baltimore

Water Habitat:

The collection of water from every natural water source (stream, run, river, pond, lake, bay, etc) in Baltimore city and county.
Using previously used beverage containers found on site: USGS and Google Earth Maps and Performance to endear that which has lost value in our society.
Reconnecting with My Scottish ancestors who served as surveyors for the crown in colonial Virginia; Performance, labor; Highlighting a wasteful shift in how modern society views materials and its environ; Bringing value to that which has no value; and the manifestation of these ideas into sculpture/ form/ installation within a gallery context are the goals for this project.
Can dirty water collected in used/discarded plastic beverage containers be formalized into a object of beauty?

Fleur Projects

Fleur Project Series:
The exploration of social class information and social landscapes board-casted through materials.
Interested in sculpture object that requires   
tending too.
Also interested in  a dialogue with outside labor groups--Columbian floral growers and local Delmarva plant growers .


An attempt to record my movement through space using several miles of banding strapping and pop rivets.
Viewers initial interaction is one of a physical response: how to move - sense of space. Then one can leave the interior go around to experience the exterior and thus render the collect of materials as object or sculpture.

Zip-Cloth Project

Navel 2004.