Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In recent years North American songbirds have been decimated by pollution, lost habitat, and the west nile virus. I have been interested in the grandpa craft/art production of homespun object making. Years back I started making birdhouses to explore this interest. I wanted to however change or fuse my perspective into this American tradition.
The mass urban shanty-like dense human dwelling areas have always visual interested me.
Kingston Jamaica, Quito Ecuador, and Cairo Egypt.
This project looks to explore the creation of an artificial landscape addressing this issue.
With nearly 2/3's the of lost songbird population - I want to bring this story to light through installation.
A large central bird shanty will fill the space. Constructed out of scrap wood and building materials --collected and rescued from the dump or from the remodeling of my current home.
Covering the wall with be custom illustrations and paintings of individual species in decline.
A molecular wall of Kohler ceramic bowls greats you as you inter the space. These 75 bowls are speakers from which bird songs will be broadcasted.

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